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No one knows exactly how the future will play out. But our aim is to be as prepared as we possibly can, by having approachable and committed employees that seek knowledge, are curious, open-minded and that represents different experiences, perspectives and backgrounds. This drives a culture of diversity, curiosity and collaboration. The kind of culture we need to master any challenge ahead. Sweco is a company for people who want to create value for our customers and shape the communities where we will live in the future.

High standards
We set the bar high, but we also ensure that you have the opportunity to reach great heights. From the start, you will be encouraged to take responsibility and will have the chance to work on challenging, interesting projects as part of a dynamic team. You will also have leaders who are committed to giving you the guidance and support you need to perform at your best.
Getting better
Because our work is about meeting the challenges of tomorrow, we need to always be one step ahead. This is why the continuous development of our employees is crucial to both your and Sweco’s continued success.
Staying ahead
To us, continuous improvement is not optional – it’s a requirement. It is also what makes Sweco such a rewarding place to work, regardless of whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced consultant.

About Sweco

The future may seem remote to others, but it is very much present at Sweco. Our building service systems consultants are currently working on the indoor environment for a new hospital that will be admitting patients in five years’ time. Our traffic engineers are currently analysing a new underground metro line that will open to passengers in ten years. Our architects are currently designing what will be a vibrant, dynamic new city district in around 15 years. It is Sweco’s job to be one step ahead. For most people, the results of our work become reality in the future.

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